Keep on Pushing Forward

All of us were created for relationships, a relationship with God and with ourselves, and those around us. Without these healthy relationships, we are left with a feeling of emptiness and rejection, and the answers to these feelings that we tend to view as failures, can only be found in relief.

HD shares his testimony about how he was rejected, bullied and unaccepted by his peers.  He became lost in the world and in his addiction. A jail incarceration eventually leads him to Grace Centers of Hope. By being in the 1 year Life Skills program, HD was led to the Lord. He was given the ability to learn about his relationship with Jesus Christ, and also led to have confidence in himself. HD found acceptance in the body of Christ and because of the love and grace he was given, he found purpose and strength in the people around him.

“God places the lonely in families and he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy”

– Psalm 68: 5-6

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