By Grace Productions is an award-winning video and film production company that was founded by Kent W. Clark, the senior Pastor at Grace Gospel Fellowship and CEO of Grace Centers of Hope.

By Grace Productions mission is to create short films, online videos, and feature films that focus on glorifying God while relating to the average, struggling, everyday man or woman, Christian or Non-Christian.

In our early years, By Grace Productions focused on creating short films and videos that recreated stories from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, in a modern context. As the company began to grow, original short films were made to reflect the realities of many people all over the world. Our first original, short film, One Last Run, became the recipient of the grand prize at the Oakland Community College film festival. After the success of that film, we began creating more and more award-winning content and are now working on our first feature length film, Foreknown, based on the published novella written by Pastor Kent W. Clark.

All the profits made from anyone of our films go toward funding Grace Centers of Hope, a non-government funded, one year rehabilitative, life skills program that brings help and hope to the addicted and homeless, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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