Life Prescribed: Behind the Scenes Part 3

Meet Brandon Layne who plays our main character Joe in the upcoming film, Life Prescribed.

Life Prescribed: Trailer

We are proud to present the new full trailer to Life Prescribed, coming to the Landmark Main Art Theatre October 20th!

Life Prescribed: Behind the Scenes Part 2

Matt Santia is the writer and producer of our new film Life Prescribed.

Life Prescribed: Behind the Scenes Part 1

Meet Debra Harrison-Lowe, she portrays Michelle in the film Life Prescribed.

Life Prescribed: Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for our new film Life Prescribed! Coming October 20th!


Life Prescribed: Behind the Scenes

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We have begun production on our newest film, Life Prescribed. It is a film that chronicles the fall of a man to prescription pills. After losing everything he is given a choice to turn his life around, but it’s not … Continue reading

The Sticky Note

How often do we fall victim to the labels we put on ourself everyday? How often do we allow other’s perception of us define who we are? If this is something that you go through, like many of us, than watch this short film and learn how none of that matters.

The Eulogy

Check out our award winning short film, The Eulogy, starring Lulu Dahl and Tim Kaiser.

The Eulogy: Trailer

Check out the trailer for our newest short, The Eulogy, coming online this Thursday!